"I would like to thank you for taking our case and representing it so ably and professionally. Your reputation in your profession is well justified. I was also impressed with your warm and understanding personality and your sensitivity to my pain." - M.O.

"We had to write this letter of praise. We had a previous lawyer for over 2 years that could not continue. Ms. Hovsepian took this case on with little notice, and an arbitration date with only 9 weeks away. She had to do research, find experts to read through mountains of records and testimony, do depositions and have tests run. Her effort and professionalism were superb. She never missed an item or remark. She had immediate response, with the document and line to refer to at hand. No one could have done a better job! She is a brilliant and outstanding attorney and deserves all the acclaim she receives." -T.R.

"I would not hesitate to refer all my friends and family to Nora Hovsepian. She has helped me with several legal matters over the years, and has always been compassionate, professional, caring, and effective. She is a great attorney to have on your side." -M.T.